Acute/ Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from acute pain for various reasons. Types of acute pain include muscular ache, sharp pains or shooting pains. The most common causes of acute pain include injury, surgery, muscle overuse and muscular tension. Pain is created when receptors in the skin sense something is not right. The receptors then send a signal to the brain so that it can send a message to nerves. Nerves will then create a feeling of pain to stop or reduce the activity. Pain can cause stress levels to increase, relaxation levels to decrease and feelings of frustration or anxiety to arise due to the prevention of sport or exercise. Our massage therapist at Healing Hands use massage for acute pain to help improve relaxation and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Massage for chronic pain helps to break down the cycle of pain. Massage improves the blood circulation, reduces tight muscles and corrects biomechanics. Massage therapist at Healing Hands provide massage therapy services for chronic pain to treat a range of conditions.

There are many different types of massage techniques that can help relieve chronic pain. Deep massage including acupressure, trigger pointing, kneading, myofascial release and rolling can help release deep muscle knots, scar tissue and muscle spasms that cause chronic pain. Deep massage techniques apply deep pressure to underlying muscles and connective tissue to relieve sources of chronic pain. Trigger pointing involves the application of deep pressure to specific areas of pain. Trigger pointing enables pain to diminish by deliberately causing a blockage of blood flow to an area so that upon release, there will be an inflammatory response and a resurgence of blood flow allowing the healing process to begin.