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GLOBUS MagnetoTherapy


To fight Arthritis and Joint Pain, Bone Edema, Inflammation, Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures

Device available to rent in HEALING HANDS!

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What's MagnetoTherapy?

The pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) generated by the GLOBUS devices of the Magnum line are low-frequency electromagnetic waves able to help bone and joint structures to strengthen their microstructure when it is damaged or weak. Magnetotherapy is the most common physical therapy for home use for pain and osteoarticular problems.

GLOBUS has been the undisputed leader of this technology for years, guaranteeing a reliable, easy-to-use and extremely effective device. Our products are all certified as medical devices and the programs included within them are the result of constant research and bibliographic updating.

Main Indications

  • The electromagnetic signal penetrates the joint structures and produces an anti-inflammatory effect, reactivating the metabolism of bones and cartilages. Studies have shown evident reductions in joint stiffness after a few sessions of magnetotherapy, with enormous benefits on daily activities, without pain and with greater freedom of movement.

  • Magnetotherapy promotes the healing of fractures, with a lower incidence of negative events such as delays in consolidation, osteonecrosis or the need for re-surgery. In addition, the application of magnetotherapy significantly reduces post fracture pain. The therapy can also be used on casts and braces.

  • Very severe pangs and pains are the first symptoms of spongy bone edema, a very frequent pathology caused by an excessive accumulation of fluid in the structures of the bone involved. Magnetotherapy is the physical therapy most prescribed by doctors in case of bone edema and works by reducing pain and inflammation in the affected area and by stimulating the regeneration of bone tissue.

  • Magnetotherapy is also very useful in case of acute (after trauma, sprains or surgery) and chronic (tendinitis of shoulder, knee, carpal tunnel, epicondylitis, etc.) inflammations. The therapy improves functional recovery and limits the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Rent Device

The new offer includes magnetotherapy treatments that can be done at home, as I rent out the equipment. I will show you how to use it.

Only €10 per day

Magnetotherapy is used daily for a period of two weeks to even 5/6 weeks depending on the problem.